Buying Napsie

Can I try mattress before buying it?

No and yes. We don’t have showrooms yet so trial bouncing Napsie is a no go for the moment. 

In a broader sense yes. Our 101 night risk free trial gives you adequate time to get acquainted.

Warranty & Returns

How does 101 night trial work?

We give you 101 nights to try out Napsie in your bedroom. Trial starts from the day you receive the mattress. If you decide it’s not for you – contact us and we’ll arrange a pickup and fully refund you within 1-2 weeks.

Given the energy expended by delivery and pickup, we ask that you at least give Napsie a good 30 days test run. The mattress can take a few weeks to fully adjust to you.

What do you do with returned mattresses?

We recycle them or donate to charity, depends on the reason of return and condition of mattress (defective or not).

We never resell returned mattresses.

Do I need to pack it in a box for return?

It's ok, you don't, we’ll handle it.

10 years warranty

Each Napsie mattress comes with a 10 years warranty, because we are sure that it will hold through the thick and thin.  However, mattress cover has only 2 years warranty.  

Something went wrong and you’d like to return Napsie?

First of all, send an email to info@napsie.it We’ll arrange details and remove your Napsie at the date and time which is the most suitable for you. 

How long after I bought a Napsie product I can return it?

You can return all the Napsie products, but just if not opened and used, within 14 days of purchase. 

How long after I bought a Napsie mattress I can return it?

You can return the Napsie mattress within the 101 of test night.


Changing my shipping address?

Whether you're moving in with a loved one, on the run from somebody, or made an innocent keyboard slip, it's no problem, we'll sort it out!

Please get in contact with us a soon as humanly possible (sleep permitting). We can apply changes at (nearly) any time though it is easier to do so within the first 24hrs.

Email: info@napsie.it

How much is delivery? (spoiler – it’s free!)

We deliver Napsie via shipping company. It’s absolutely free all over the country.

Life with Napsie

I have allergies – does Napsie suit me?

Yes, absolutely. Napsie's washable hypoallergenic cover makes it suitable for people with asthma and or allergies. The build up of bacteria and allergens is greatly minimised, in fact they'll be in the minority of creatures that won't feel comfortable on a Napsie:)

Which bed base should I use for Napsie?

Napsie mattresses are designed to work well on virtually any solid flat surface. It can be used on a range of slatted frames (make sure the slats are no more than 7.5 cm apart!), platform frames, box springs or floors.

Should you have polished floors, Napsie will play well and stay put thanks its anti-slip underside.

How do I clean the cover?

Simple, unzip it and throw in wash at 30 degrees.

How do I set up my Napsie?

Honestly it couldn't be easier. Just remove Napsie from its box, move it to its final resting place and remove its plastic protective layers. As air is drawn in, Napsie rapidly breathes to life and dramatically regains its natural shape. While Napsie will be ready to sleep on in 1-2 minutes, reaching a fully uncompressed state will take 1-2 hours.

See our unboxing video > 

Unpacked mattress has odour. Is it normal?

After you unpack the mattress you might feel a slight smell of novelty ☺ But no worries, it will go away shortly. Just leave the mattress in a well-ventilated room for couple of hours before sleeping on it. 

Napsie qualities

What creatures can the Napsie mattress handle?

We come in an interesting diversity of sorts and sizes, there's burly, thin, short-legged, curvaceous and many more. Napsie hasn't left suitability to chance, we've tested her under varying load distributions and weights. Napsie won't bend or crevice in the middle, it just distributes weight nice and evenly. To prove this we compared a 128kg dummy lying beside a 50kg one, each registered comfort and support that was similar.

What is cover made of?

It's made of 100% polyester and is protected against bacteria and allergens with a special treatment. 

Where is Napsie made?

No China. Napsie is 100% European.

What are the dimensions? How much does it weight?

Napsie comes in 5 dimensions:




80x200 cm

7,81 kg

90x200 cm

8,86 kg

140x200 cm

13,65 kg

160x200 cm

15,69 kg

180x200 cm

17,73 kg

And it features a height of 18 cm.