5 Foods You Should Eat before Going to Bed (and 5 Foods You Should Avoid)

5 Foods You Should Eat before Going to Bed (and 5 Foods You Should Avoid)

If you’re a fan of having a nice dinner before hitting the sheets, you’ve probably already noticed that some types of food help you sleep like an angel, while others keep you up all night long. A big dinner is definitely not something we’d recommend, but having something small might actually improve the quality of your sleep – we all know it’s difficult to sleep when we’re hungry! But what to eat? This will no longer be a question – we’ve prepared a list of 5 foods to eat and 5 to avoid.

5 Foods to Eat Before Going to Bed


Turkey is light, delicious and – most importantly – it will help you fall asleep. It contains an amino acid called tryptophan, which works in an almost magical way. Our body turns it into serotonin, which is later metabolised into melatonin – and we all know that melatonin does a great job when it comes to promoting sleep.

Whole Grains

You may thing that grains are only suitable for breakfast and snacks, but it turns out that they aren’t such a bad idea for your dinner either. And how will whole grains help you fall asleep? The carbohydrates actually help your body absorb the tryptophan, so a sandwich with whole-grain bread and some turkey is basically as good as a sleeping pill.


Walnuts are another natural source of tryptophan, and they’re a great choice for a light dinner, especially if you don’t want to fill your stomach before going to bed. You can snack on them while watching your favourite TV show – or throw a couple of cubes of some nice blue cheese into the mix and you’ve got yourself a really fancy dinner!


Their taste is exciting, but their composition is nothing but relaxing! Cherries are a natural source of melatonin, so they should help you fall asleep in no time! Be careful if you have a sweet tooth – the tarter the cherries, the stronger their effect, so try to avoid sweetness in this case.

Chamomile Tea 

Oh yes, mum was right – although we hate to admit it. Chamomile tea actually does help us fall asleep, so having a cup before your bed time is definitely a great idea. How does it work? It reduces anxiety, calms you down and alleviates stress, thus creating a perfect environment for you to drift away into a peaceful sleep.

5 Foods to Avoid before Sleeping

Fatty Foods

Yes, we know you love them and they’re simply the best company you can imagine for watching your favourite TV show before going to bed – but they might make your sleep a lot worse. Fatty foods, such as potato chips, fried foods and processed meats, take a while to digest, which means your body has to work hard until early hours – keeping you awake in the process, too.

Dark Chocolate

Although dark chocolate has recently gained a reputation as the healthy choice, it’s still not the best idea to have it in the evening. It’s actually packed with caffeine, which is extremely effective when it comes to keeping you awake – and while that’s something you appreciate with your morning coffee, you definitely don’t want it to happen when you’re trying to fall asleep.

Indian Curry

… and any other spicy food you can think of! While spicy food is usually worth the pain it causes, this definitely isn’t true when it comes to your evening meal. Spices are a burden for your body, so you’ll probably be tossing and turning all night long. 

Aged Cheese

Normal types of cheese are usually ok, but aged cheeses are something you should definitely avoid in the evening. They contain an amino acid called tyramine, which is very effective in keeping you awake. When it comes to your Parmesan, it’s better to enjoy it during the day.

Ice cream

Now that’s the saddest thing we’ve heard all year – ice cream, our favourite midnight snack, is actually bad for our sleep? Unfortunately yes, the combinations of loads of sugar and loads of fat is a real energy-booster for our body, which is of course the last thing we want before going to bed.