A Bedroom Make-Over on a Budget: 6 Easy Steps to Make It Happen

A Bedroom Make-Over on a Budget: 6 Easy Steps to Make It Happen

Are you getting a bit sick and tired of your bedroom? Perhaps it’s time for a make-over! And no, we don’t mean a new lover (well, not necessarily, but it is up to you), we mean a brand new style for your favourite place in the house. What’s that we hear? You’re too broke to make-over your bedroom? No problem, we’ve got some amazing budget-friendly tips that won’t cost you much but will make sure that your bedroom shines brightly once again. Are you ready? Let’ go!

Bring some life into your bedroom

Yes, some sex life would be great – but again, not exactly what we head in mind (though we would never advise against it, obviously). We were being quite literal actually – you should decorate your bedroom with some lovely plants. They will provide the extra oxygen, they look terribly nice and if you’re worried about them dying on you in a matter of days, get a nice little cactus, those little buggers are built to last!

Add some second-hand furniture

We know, good furniture can be pricey, while cheap furniture tends to look – well, cheap. That surely won’t do much for the overall look of your bedroom, so it would be wise to look for another solution. We recommend getting some second-hand furniture that will completely transform the look of your bedroom and won’t cost too much – and if you treat it right, it’ll last for ages. Check out online ads, flea markets and garage sales, find something you like, sand it down, add some paint and you’ve got yourself a brand new piece of furniture!

Get some new décor for your bed

Your bed is the central feature of your bedroom, so if you really want a noticeable make-over, it may be wise to start there. A new set of bedding is a great place to start, but you can also try to play around with different textures, colours and styles. A lovely decorative throw, a couple of soft pillows or an exotic quilt blanket are all great ways to make your bedroom look more alive again.

Fill that blank space on your walls

Your bedroom must reflect your soul and feel like a safe haven, but if your walls are white and empty, it probably feels more like a hotel or a hospital room than your own bedroom. Re-paint the walls with your favourite colours, hang your favourite holiday photos or pick a nice inspiring poster that will make your days (and especially nights!) in your bedroom a lot more pleasant. Just make sure you don’t go too far – if you add too much at once, it might end up looking kitschy and cluttered, which is definitely not a look you’d want for your bedroom.

Bring in a nice little rug

A rug can significantly change the appearance of your bedroom, doesn’t cost much and is easy to replace whenever you’ll need a change again. If you suffer from allergies, get something durable that you can easily wash in your washing machine over and over again. Make sure it fits the rest of your furniture and find a nice place for it – and there you go, a whole new look is ready!

If all else fails – just move your furniture around a bit

If you’re too broke to buy anything for your bedroom, that doesn’t mean that you have to just accept this and live with it. Something as simple as moving the furniture around can be an effective way to completely change the look of your favourite room without any extra costs or too much hassle. Before you actually start moving your furniture, make sure to measure all the pieces as well as the bedroom itself, so that you can check whether everything will fit the way you want it to – this is much easier to do on paper than by actually moving those heavy dressers and bed.