Beauty Sleep – Truth or Myth?

Beauty Sleep – Truth or Myth?

Do you know why some people just look so darn beautiful all the time? Many experts seem to believe that getting enough quality sleep has got something to do with it… How about you? Do you also believe that sleep can actually make people more beautiful? It definitely is the truth, so you better start believing it! Here are 6 good reasons why…

#1: Good sleep leads to fewer wrinkles

Not because you contort your face less during sleep (because you don’t necessarily – just think about having nightmares or really pleasant dreams), but because new collagen is produced in the skin during sleep, which makes it more resilient to all the usual sagging factors – environmental influences, face contortion and simply getting older.

Did we mention that sleeping on a Napsie mattress also brings the additional benefit of less (or none for most people) back pain? 

#2: Good sleep makes your eyes look pretty

Ever seen you face in a mirror after a rough night? Yuck, right? Puffy eyes, dark circles underneath, unexplained redness all around… Certainly not a very attractive look according to majority of people! Well, good news is that enough sleep cures all these problems (and many others as you will no doubt find out if you read this article all the way through) by itself.

By the way, did we mention that getting a good night’s sleep is usually much easier on a Napsie?

#3: Good sleep improves complexion

We could define complexion as that glow of your skin that makes it prettier – or not. The thing about not getting enough sleep is that it also decreases blood flow to the face, consequently causing that dull, tired look.

Another thing worth knowing: Napsie is made of the finest materials that are bound to make your skin glow happier than ever. Just sayin’.

#4: Good sleep makes hair grow, too

That’s right – your face is not the only part of your body getting something out of good sleep; your hair is, too! You see, lack of sleep can cause all kinds of hair damage, including hair loss, split ends and unhealthy colour. That’s probably why you always get to sit in that comfy chair when going to a hairdresser’s – to help you dose off for a while…

Did you know that Napsie boasts a state-of-the-art memory foam that makes sleeping on it a true pleasure? This has absolutely nothing to do with your hair, we just wanted you to know.

#5: Good sleep helps keep your weight in order

Nothing wrong with having a few pounds more than those skinny models you see on TV all the time nowadays, true, but if your excessive pounds make you feel less beautiful (or cause health problems that could affect the way you look), you can definitely improve your chances of getting rid of them by sleeping well. Lack of sleep causes stress, and stress causes you to gain weight – as simple as that!

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#6: People will find your more attractive if you sleep well

People who sleep well on average smile more often than people who are tired – you already knew that, right (because it is perfectly logical)? What you perhaps didn’t know is that people who smile more are usually described as more attractive by others… And there you have it – sleep actually brings beauty!

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