Fast and healthy breakfast ideas to make in no time

Fast and healthy breakfast ideas to make in no time

Are you always in a rush in the morning? Then you probably never have time for breakfast. Even though you probably know that it is the most important meal of the day, you simply run out of time to have anything else than a cup of coffee in between ironing your shirt and checking Facebook. We prepared some ideas that will put on end to all your excuses – 7 great ideas for a quick and healthy breakfast that can be eaten anywhere; in your kitchen, on the way to work or in the office. 


Breakfast #1: Fruit and cheese combo


It might not sound like a usual combo, but you will love it, we swear! Grab an apple (if you want to, and if you plan to eat is soon, you can also cut it in smaller pieces to it’s easier to eat) or any other kind of fruit you like, cut some hard cheese, add half a cup of walnuts and throw it all in a plastic bag  Simple and tasty! 


Breakfast #2: Waffles or pancakes with peanut butter


Do you love waffles and pancakes? You may think that they are not the healthiest choice for a breakfast, but the truth is that the main problem is the topping you put on them. Sweet syrups, chocolate spreads or even whipped cream add many calories and are not very nutritious. Peanut butter, on the other hand, will add the protein and fibre you need to start your day right.


Breakfast #3: Fruit muffin and chocolate milk


Muffins may not sound like the healthiest breakfast out there, but if you take some extra time the evening before and prepare them by yourself, you can add many healthy ingredients and get rid of the unhealthy ones. It takes very little time to make muffins and you can keep them in your fridge for at least a few days, so you should be able to squeeze this into your schedule. And if you’re trying to lay easy on the coffee, just add a glass of chocolate milk to complete your meal.


Breakfast #4: Strawberry shake


Shakes and smoothies are the perfect ideas for breakfast, so you should really have them more often. They’re prepared in just a few seconds, they give your body everything it needs for a healthy start of the day and they are so very yummy. Simply combine strawberries (or any other kind of fruit you like) and milk / water / yoghurt in a blender or a smoothie-maker, mix, then drink as soon as possible. Simple, easy and extremely tasty!


Breakfast #5: A lighter version of pizza


Pizza for breakfast? It’s not such a bad idea, really! If you have some leftovers from last night, feel free to have a slice – it’s still better than eating something sugary or not eating at all. But if you really want something healthy, take a slice of bread, spread some ricotta over it, add a few slices of tomatoes, drizzle with olive oil, add some salt and pepper – and you’re good to go! This yummy and extremely healthy pizza is a great way to start any day.


Breakfast #6: Energy bar


If you’re really in a hurry and have absolutely no time to prepare your breakfast, an energy bar may not be such a bad idea. Just make sure you get the kind that is rich on fibre and protein, not on sugar. The ones you find by the cash register in the store are usually mostly just sugary treats, but if you look in the sports food department, you can find the ones that are actually good for you. A great idea if you’re out of time and still want to do something good for your body.


Breakfast #7: Eggs


There’s a reason why eggs are amongst the most popular breakfast foods; they’re a great choice for the start of any day. They’ll give you the protein your body needs and at the same time, they will give you enough energy to start your day right. If you’re in a hurry, fry an egg omelette, then place it in a bread bun and eat on the go.