Lucid Dreaming: Are You a Dreamer, Too?

Lucid Dreaming: Are You a Dreamer, Too?

Do you love to jump into your bed, wrap yourself in a soft, warm blanket and drift away into the land of dreams? Well, who doesn’t! But did you know that some dreams are different than others? Lucid dreams are a very special kind of dreams in which you are aware that you are dreaming and can actually influence the course of your dreams. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? 

The best part of these dreams is that you can enjoy them without the fear that can sometimes accompany some very real dreams – because you know that you are only dreaming at all times. Are you intrigued? Would you like to have lucid dreams more often? Believe it or not, there are actually ways that can help you achieve lucid dreaming, so if you’re up for a new adventure during your nap time, try them out!

Take naps during the day

No problem, right? But why are naps a good way of inducing lucid dreams? First of all, they relax you and make sure that you are less tired during the night – which gives you more energy for lucid dreams. And second, they give you a chance to practice your lucid dreaming – and we all know that practice makes perfect!

Sleep in a nice, cool room

Your environment is an important factor when it comes to sleep and we all know that a cool bedroom can significantly improve the quality of your sleep. It turns out that it can also help you reach a state of lucid dreaming. How? Experts think that sleeping in a cool room can enhance the density of your REM sleep, which improves the chances of a lucid dream.

Don’t go to bed hungry

Now that’s a new one – so far, we’ve been used to hearing that a stomach that’s too full is a sure way to sabotage the quality of your sleep. That of course doesn’t mean that you should have a huge meal right before going to bed – but a nice full stomach will probably help you drift away into the land of lucid dreams in no time.

Have some spicy food before going to sleep

Another thing that is usually anything but recommended before bedtime, but if you want lucid dreaming, try it out. Have some chilli, garlic, black pepper or other food with intense flavours, as they will probably make your dreams a lot more intense, real and somewhat bizarre. Hey, you asked for it!

Listen to some music while sleeping

Music can be an extremely powerful emotional trigger, so listening to music while sleeping can make your dreams a whole lot more intense. Pick songs that you associate with important events, meaningful emotions or people that play a big part in your life, and you’ll probably experience some very emotional lucid dreams.

Have a consistent sleep schedule

Going to bed and waking up at the same time every day is important for the overall quality of your sleep, but it is even more important if you want to experience lucid dreaming. We know that it’s not always possible to fall asleep at the same time, especially in the crazy tempo of today’s world, but whenever it’s possible, try to stick to a schedule.

Spend your nights in complete dark

Sleeping in complete dark is a great idea on its own, as it enables a better quality of sleep, but it is even more important for lucid dreaming. Keep in mind that just any dark won’t do – you really need complete dark. That means turning off all the little lights on your electronic devices, closing the blinds and drapes, and even using a sleep mask if necessary.

Think about your day before falling asleep

This is a great way to induce lucid dreams – simply go through your day in your mind right before falling asleep. As you do that, try to remember as many details as possible. What was the colour of the cashier’s hair? What did your boss wear today? How many people were on the bus stop waiting for the bus? Each little detail can help your mind create a more complete picture – and an even more intense lucid dream.