Sleeping with a Snorer: Survival Guide in 8 Easy Steps

Sleeping with a Snorer: Survival Guide in 8 Easy Steps

Do you share your bed with a snorer? We’re sorry to hear that – but in all honesty, you did choose them yourself. And we’re sure they have many other amazing qualities, but their snoring … it’s probably driving you mad. Listening to someone snore throughout the night can significantly decrease the quality of your sleep, so it’s important to find a way to cope with it. Don’t worry, we’ve got just what you need – a survival guide that will help you enjoy night time with your snorer once again.

Roll your snorer over to their side

Snorers tend to be loudest when they’re lying on their back, so whenever they wake you up, simply roll them over to their side and enjoy the sound of silence. And if you want to make sure to enjoy the silence all night long, place a couple of pillows or a rolled-up blanket behind their back to keep them on their side.

Get them a new pillow

No just because you love them (although that’s not a bad reason either), but because it could make them snore less (not THAT’S a good reason, right?). People who snore often do so because of different allergies, and a new, hypoallergenic pillow could significantly help with that. Make sure to wash the pillow regularly and if that’s not enough, replace it at least once a year. We’ve got an extra trick: get a thicker pillow, as an elevated headrest could also help prevent snoring.

Invest in a larger bed for the two of you

Trying to sleep a couple of centimetres away from a snoring person is literally impossible – but if the distance between you two is a bit bigger, things get a lot easier. You probably cannot get a bed large enough to completely avoid the noise (unless you own a mansion – and if you do, you should really have us over sometime!), but every little centimetre helps when it comes to improving your comfort and the quality of your sleep.

Ban alcohol and sleeping pills

If your significant other likes to have a beer before bedtime or tends to take sleeping pills, it probably helps them fall asleep more easily – but it’s keeping you awake at the same time. Alcohol and sleeping pills (along with some antihistamines) relax muscles, which can cause an increase in snoring. Not a good thing, when you’re trying to catch some precious hours of sleep next to them.

Get a white noise machine

A white noise machine produces a calming sound that will soothe you throughout the night, blocking out all the other noises that could disturb your sleep. It’s a great choice if you live near a busy street, if you have loud neighbours – or if you have a partner that can’t stop snoring. You can also download white noise from the internet and play it on your MP3 player or get a white noise app for your smart phone.

Make your partner take a long, hot shower

Be careful about wording this one – they will either think that they stink or that you want to have kinky sex with them in the shower (well, the second option isn’t all that bad, so maybe you don’t have to be that careful…). In any case, a long hot shower is good for many things, and one of them is opening up congested nasal passages, which are often the reason behind snoring.

Get a pair of earplugs

If all else fails, it’s time to go the good old-fashioned way: earplugs. They will completely block out the noise of your partner’s snoring, and help you enjoy peaceful sleep once again. And don’t worry, they don’t have to be uncomfortable – simply get a pair made out of foam and you won’t even know that they’re there!

Choose a good, high-quality mattress

A right kind of mattress that supports your spine in an appropriate way can do wonders for your sleeping position, which also influences snoring. If your loved one cannot stop snoring, perhaps it’s time to get a new mattress. If you can’t quite decide which mattress would suit you best, we’ve got a pretty good idea what would be perfect for you …


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