A Bedroom Make-Over on a Budget: 6 Easy Steps to Make It Happen

Are you getting a bit sick and tired of your bedroom? Perhaps it’s time for a make-over! And no, we don’t mean a new lover (well, not necessarily, but it is up to you), we mean a brand new style for your favourite place in the house. What’s that we hear? You’re too broke to make-over your bedroom? No problem, we’ve got some amazing budget-friendly tips that won’t cost you much but will make sure that your bedroom shines brightly once again. Are you ready? Let’ go!

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The World's Worst Disasters Caused by Sleep Deprivation
We’ve all been there: putting the milk carton in a kitchen cabinet instead of the fridge, leaving our keys in the lock and leaving our home wearing two different shoes – and a nightgown. That’s what sleep deprivation does to us, but things aren’t always that innocent. Statistics tell a much more terrifying story: one in six fatal car crashes and more than 200,000 workplace accidents a year are supposed to be a result of insufficient sleep. And that’s not all, some of the most terrible disasters that happened in the 20th century have happened because of sleep deprivation.
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