A one size fits all mattress that fits all dreamers, even the most demanding ones

You’ve never experienced a mattress like this

Firm like a cloud

Thanks to the smart design sleeping on your Napsie mattress you have the perfect combination of softness and support.

Breakfast in bed - proof

The mattress cover is washable, of course. We wanted to make sure you can have breakfast in bed in the morning (and red wine in the night), with peace of mind.

Hot, but not too hot

We carefully selected materials for you to never be too hot or too cold. Always the right temperature.

So, what is the cost of a mattress that gives you such freedom?

Freedom does not have a price! But if we do make calculation based on 10 years warranty and we take price of our best-selling dimension 160x200, we can break down your spent to:

38,9 € per year

3,24 € per month

0,11 € per day

Affordable, right?

You’ve made it all the way down here! Now it’s finally time to meet the mattresses.

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Mattresses, pillows and Earth bedding set are made with pride in the European Union.

Up to 50% lower CO2 emissions and 50% less water impact for the production of our "earth" collection.

Constant R&D efforts to make sure we always improve our environmental impact.